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What Marnie's Clients are Saying...

"When I first met Marnie, I was a successful novelist releasing a book a year. With Marnie's help, I more than tripled my revenues. She helped me create ebooks from manuscripts that were lying around collecting dust, assisted me in getting my books on Amazon, and created online memberships to better serve my readers. This smoothed out my cash flow and has enabled me to give my readers more of what they want. I'd highly recommend her services." 

- Marcia Lynn McClure, author

“When I met Marnie, I was a Bob Proctor facilitator with no web site, no book, and no product of my own. Marnie helped me create a site, and encouraged and guided me in the development of ebooks and books. She made writing a book seem easy. It was just the encouragement I needed, and now I have two best-sellers under my belt. To this day Marnie continues to promote me throughout her network of sites. What has grown into a six-figure business all started with Marnie’s consulting, guidance and promotion.” 

– Leslie Householder, best-selling author of The Jackrabbit Factor: Why You Can! and Hidden Treasures: Heaven's Astonishing Help with Your Money Matters   

"Marnie, your Expert 360 Program™ is a godsend! I was getting lost and confused by all the jargon, RSS feeds, passwords, web sites and software required to keep current with all the web 2.0 sites. I posted a blog here and there and did some articles when I could, but I knew I wasn't taking full advantage of what's out there. After just one hour with your team, I had my Twitter, Facebook, company blog and twenty plus articles all working together seamlessly--and now they all update each other! Amazing! Your Expert 360 Program™ is the next best thing to cloning myself. When you say you "Highlight Truth and Talent" I would put extra emphasis on the word "highlight." in fact, you make your experts shine!" 

- Phillip Davis, www.puretungsten.com     

What Lisa Preston has to say about IdeaMarketers Expert 360 ProgramTM...
"Having you as my publicist has saved me months upon months of work (basically, let's face it, promoting yourself is a full time job)
You're a dream come true for this solo-preneur! What I love about your program is that 
  • I'm highlighted at a place where reporters and publishers can find me for syndication, and digital interviews, radio and tv interviews.
  • I am promoted in a place where targeted niche traffic can find me via high-quality press releases, articles, podcasts, etc.
  • All my ebooks, reports, audios and articles promoted-totally hands off on my end
  • I can call my publicist at any time for assistance or suggestions for more publicity
  • My interviews are edited into top quality podcasts and sent out 
  • I have a group of expert friends with mega-connections who promote me and with whom I can partner for projects
  • I get constant updates on the publicity you're doing, where I'm featured and promoted

You and your team are the best kept secret online, Marnie! I truly appreciate everything you do for us! Working with a team of such integrity and over and above service is just a dream!

So thanks for all you do, my friend!"

Take care,
Lisa Rae Preston


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